Monday, January 24, 2011

Kelci's 1st Haircut

I was really enjoying being able to put Kelci's hair in ponytails with bows and almost being able to braid it. Then November 18th came along and that was all over.

I open the bathroom door knowing that Tracen and Kelci are doing something they didn't want mom to see, but figured it would amount to water, soap and nothing a few towels couldn't clean up. Instead, I see Kelci standing on the stool looking in the mirror with a huge smile on her face and Tracen standing behind her with a proud smile on his face and scissors in his hand. He looks up at me and proudly says, "Mom, I cut her hair."

I had put it in a side ponytail the day before and it was still somewhat in one when he decided to give her a makeover. I see the end of the ponytail cut off and am thinking this is going to be okay. I am also on the phone with Lance when I open the door-so he hears all this. I am still relatively calm and say, "No, no, no-give me the scissors." After getting the scissors and then taking the ponytail holder out-it seems that hair won't stop falling off her head. I then realize that he cut much more, but it wasn't noticable until I took the ponytail out. Then I freaked.

I started crying and screaming at him-don't even remember what I said, but he started crying and she started crying. All the while, Lance is trying to calm me down. Telling me all the right things-it will grow back, at least she is still little, lots of kids do it, and so on. Eventually I calmed down and so did Kelci.

I then went to find Tracen, who had run and hid in his room in shame. I felt so bad. Kelci really thought he was making her beautiful and he did too. I apologized and told him that he can only cut paper and only when Mommy, Daddy or Lance say it is okay. He said sorry and that he wouldn't cut hair again.

After trying to figure out what I could do to salvage Kelci's hair-we ended up just going to Great Clips and getting a little bob. He had cut clear to the skin in some places. This was the best way to salvage as much growth as possible. Here we are in February almost and today was the first day that I was able to pull her hair into a ponytail, if I pull the top into a clip or ponytail holder first. But, she did look cute with the bob, or as Lance put it, less like a rag-a-muffin.

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  1. Terra,
    I can't imagine (well, you gave a great description, so I guess I can imagine) what your first reaction was when you opened the door. It's pretty adorable that Tracen was trying to help Kelci with her makeover!

    I'm glad we were able to help salvage what was left of Kelci's hair. Not quite the "child's first haircut" you were hoping for, huh?

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Kasey Skala
    Great Clips